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MSc in Subsea Engineering in University of Strathclyde

24 September 2008 - 06:08 AM

I got an unconditional offer letter for MSc in Subsea engineering. I am currently looking for information about this course and its scope(job-wise) in uk. Someone please help me!

Second-Class honours degree in an appropriate discipline or an oversea

13 September 2008 - 07:24 AM

To study MSc in UK, the colleges/universities are asking for a Second-Class Honours degree in an appropriate discipline or an overseas equivalent. What is the Nepalese equivalent for this Second Class Honours degree? Can some one please explain to me?

Politicians are like diapers so we should constantly change them!

09 September 2008 - 06:00 AM

We nepalis have a habit of making a lot of excuses.
Just now the Olympics games finished, nepal participated as ever, still no medals. We will keep on saying that participating is winning! Great answer/excuse!
Our players will say that they don't have enough facilities, enough resources for training bla bla bla!
Recently an Indian boxer won a bronze medal in Olympics, I think he is the son of a poor driver or farmer. There are some African countries which are very poor, and their athletes get medals. Better stop participating in the games. Why should we waste money to participate in the games?Are our players bhatays?

A little bhedbhawo ta jaha pani huncha. Everywhere there is some discriminations only the type/form is different.Even in the most developed country,america, you see the black and white discriminations. White people don't usually marry blacks and blacks don't usually marry white. Black and white conflict is there since the very early times -but still the country has developed so much. Now both Black and white can proudly say that they are Americans and enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of a developed country.So is it fair to say that Nepal hasn't developed because of the discrimination?

We are only sustaining ourselves on the foreign aid and foreign helps. We have to beg to international donors to repair a broken dam, we have to beg to international donors to feed a person in Jumla to build a hospital in Mugu. We have all become beggars, the country of Amar Singh Thapa & Bhakti Thapa has become a beggar. Has Girija, Makune,Ranas & Monarch have really made our country a beggar ? In america one person can't be president for more than 2 times. Is there any rule,regulation,law like that in Nepal? America knows that change is vital for the development and Politicians are like diapers who should be changed constantly.

Small landlocked country. If India blocks the borders , no imports , no exports and we die of hunger. How can Nepal develop if somebody(suppose Prachanda or Baburam) truly wants to develop it? Does development come along with power? Should we start building Nuclear power?

Yes I pray the cows and monkeys

08 September 2008 - 10:52 AM

Now in Arabia , it is the Holy Month of Ramadan. Muslim brothers,sisters and friends are fasting. Quite a few times I was asked by some of my friends why I do not fast? Its "haram" not to fast and those who commit haram are "haramis". I told them that I am a Hindu and yes we too do fasting but not on this time of the year.
Sometimes I have to tolerate derogatory remarks that I belong to the same religion who pray cows and monkeys.

I told one of them that YES I belong to the religion in which cows,monkeys,trees,fish,snakes and all the living being as well as the non living things like rivers,montains,sky,earth,sun,moon and the whole nature and universe are prayed. In our view, prayer is a form of communication and in prayer we make request.
One day in a year we pray to snakes, one day we pray the dog, one day we pray to cow, we pray to montain(Govardan parbat). In our prayer we thank them for sharing the world with us. We request them to keep on living with us in the world and keep on making the world a beautiful place to live merely by their existence. We tell them that the world would be an ugly place if they were not there. We pray because we think that we should be able to pray to those also who are physically and mentally inferior to us. Merely because they are less strong then us doesn't mean that they deserve to be treated cruely. Merely because they are not as clever as us doesn't mean that they are less dignified then us. Merely because they can't invent atom bomb to destroy the earth doesn't mean that they don't deserve respect. We not only pray to some supernatural highly powerful being called god because of the fear that he might bring misfortune to us if we don't pray to him. But along with the Powerful god we pray to the powerless creatures of the universe also. We respect them all and we thank them all.

To us prayer is not something done to a stronger supernatural being,out of fear of being punished, to us prayer is the expression of our love for the incapable because we think that the so called incapables are actually contributing more to the nature than us.

In Gita, Shree Krishna told that those who don't respect the religion and beliefs of others, can't respect me. Our god himself was a simple shepard. We can pray to king and we can pray to a Shepard. This is us & this is our religion. We respect the muslims, the christians and all the other religions also as much as w e respect Hindu religion. We don't thrust, we don't force our beliefs on you. You are free to fast in Ramadan but you shouldn't force others to fast. We pray to all the human beings to coexist peacefully and in harmony with each other and in harmony with the mother Nature. No country in the world is a Hindu country today, this is an example of the liberal nature of us. We don't believe in seggregation, we don't believe in separation, we believe in unity. We believe in winning the hate by love.

This is the philosophy behind praying the cows and the monkeys, which unfortunately even most of the Hindus don't know today.

MSc or PHD students in Newcastle,Cranfield or Dundee University

31 August 2008 - 07:37 AM

I am planning to do one of the following:

-MSc in Pipeline engineering from Cranfield or Newcastle university. Or
-MSc in Structural engineering from Univ of Dundee.

I have been working in Middle east for the last 4 years in Pipeline installation sector.
Is there any CURRENT/FORMER Nepali student in those subjects in those universities? If there is, I would really appreciate if he/she could share the experiences/difficulties during admission,after being admitted and after the completion of the course. I have read loads of information available in the internet. I want to get the actual perspective from the eyes of a Nepali student.