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05 March 2008 - 11:49 AM

Being in this profession, i would like to make clear regarding this matter.
HSMP VISA Category E Countries Nepal

The main difference between the HSMP and the work permit arrangements is that participants do not need a specific job offer in the UK in order to apply.

-Required Marks 75.

27& under =20 points
28 or 29 under=10 points
30 or 31 under =5points
32 or older =0

Earnings Requirement

1,400 per annum 5 Points
1,600 per annum 10 Points
1,800 per annum 15 Points
2,000 per annum 20 Points
2,300 per annum 25 Points
2,550 per annum 30 Points
2,800 per annum 35 Points
3,100 per annum 40 Points
3,500 per annum 45 Points


PHD= 50 points
Master's Degree or Professional Education= 35 points
A Bachelor's Degree BA. BSc =30 points
None of Above =0

-IELTS Requirements is at least 6 in single band. Or Equivalent score in TOEFL

-Candidates should researched the UK job market &believe that s/he will find Graduate level work.

If any body Found Qualified, & you are in Nepal-Kathmandu.
write me