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04 March 2008 - 04:06 AM

first of all a big hiiiiiii.
and u said tht u have to write an article.and as others have writeen, i m also thnking about what u want to write the article abt??

what i sugest is that first think a lot in which topic u want to write an article.what i feel is go from ur own field prospectus.i mean,whats ur field. get a bit concentratted on that. tht will ring a sense of convince to urself.and moreover try to enroll urself in searchin those materials which are very current matters and current affairs so tht peple are interested to go through them.

like if u are are a health student, u can write abt the current health affiars or issues,if u are a student of economics, u can render abt the economic crisis existing in nepal and so on.

this is what i could tell u.and i don know howmuch it works for u .anywyas best of luck for whatever purpose u are writing the article.give ur best.