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The IACP Foundation International Scholarship Prog

19 August 2003 - 01:27 PM

The IACP Foundation International Scholarship Program

The IACP Foundation 2003-2004 scholarship recipients have already been selected. The 2003-2004 scholarships are eligible for the academic year beginning after July 1, 2003 but before June 30, 2004. Please apply after September 15, 2003 for our next scholarship cycle.

Want To Apply for a culinary scholarship?

Applications for the 2004-2005 award year will be available after September 15, 2003. Those awards are eligible for the academic year starting July 1, 2004 and ending June 30, 2005. Please revisit our website after September 15, 2003 to download an application, or contact our office with your name and address, if you are interested in applying for a scholarship at that time.

For more information please contact:
Trina Gribbins
IACP Foundation,
304 W. Liberty Street,
#201, Louisville, KY 40202,
Phone: 502/581-9786 ext.264,
Fax: 502/589-3602,