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#92800 Kata ho sabai jana

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 01 February 2010 - 08:05 PM in WNSO UK

yetai chhu ho sir :-)

khoi yaar sabai jana ..sarai bhayao ..yo ta ....ek choti pheri sabai sathi(freinds) haru online aaunu paryao ..

#92793 Sovereign Nepal " A Legacy From Generation to Generation

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 30 January 2010 - 08:55 PM in Talking Point - Khulla Mancha

ho nepal banaunu nai parcha ra tapai hami le milera nai banaunu parcha

What ?? Desh ta banaune ho banaune ho bhanera sabai Nepali ko mukh mai cha bhanya, Indian le mukh ma pan khayera thukya jasto kuro bhaira ko cha , kati thuknu , aba ta bhayena hai serious nai huna paryo , aba aune hamro sasntati haru ko sawal cha yar :(

Exactly .Let all be serious for Nation Developement .

#92728 पिडा

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 20 December 2009 - 05:44 PM in Poems

good work .

#92612 My advice for all Nepalis coming to UK

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 09 November 2009 - 11:23 AM in College, Universities and Scholarship

Dear all,

As someone who has a lot of experience with Nepalis coming to the UK to study, I have the following advice:

  • 80% of Nepalis go to poor-quality private colleges. The UK is opposite to Nepal: government universities are the best, and no British people will ever go to a private college.
  • You can immediately tell whether the college/univerity you are looking at is private; it is a "real" uni, it will have a domain name .ac.uk. If it a private college, it will not be that, it will be something like .co.uk or .com
  • There may be a possibility that some private colleges are better than others, but in my experience of meeting many Nepalis that have been to them, and having been inside some myself, they seem very poor in quality and resources and I would always advise Nepalis to "try before you buy".
  • Most private colleges seem to be run by foreigners and are purely there to permit foreign people who wish to come to the UK to work. I have seen some which teach entirely in Hindi, because 100% of students are from South Asia.
  • The qualifications given by these private colleges are virtually useless. Most work places will never have heard of the college, and most British people will look at them as fake.
  • Always check that the private college will give you a legitimate qualification. Some partner with legitimate universities to give real qualifications.
  • A new trick in London appears to be colleges telling students, often those here to do MBAs etc., that they can do the MBA (which is a legitimate qualification awarded from a real university), but when the student arrives in the UK, the college tells them that "actually your Nepali qualification is not good enough, so we cannot submit you for the exam".

It is also vital for Nepalis to understand that Nepali 10+2 is not recognised in most UK universities. Therefore, Nepalis that come here with that, or sometime with Bachelors qualifications, will not be allowed into British universities until they take what is called a "foundation degree" for 1 year.

There are some Nepalis here in the UK in "real" universities. In my experience however, most of them have done a degree in a Nepali uni (TU etc.) and then come here to do either Masters or PhD. This is better because a Masters is also cheaper, and only takes one year, so a Nepali student gets much more "value for money".

I would also just finish on costings. A real university will cost between £7000 and £12000 per year in fees. Each degree course is three years. The total therefore will be £21000+ (or 25 lakhs nepali). Private colleges will be around £5000 per year. Nepalis can find accommodation in big Nepali houses, where they can rent a room for £250 per month. These rooms are cheap (the average British person will pay £600-1000 per month) but you pay for the poor quality! I have a good friend who lives in these, and he is only allowed to shower 1-2 times per week. They are also given certain times to cook. On top of this, you will need money for transport (maybe £15 per week) and money for food (£20 per week for bad diet).

This is not meant to be negative about all private colleges, but rather some basic findings about them in general. If you require more help, buzz me and i will try to reply.

Thank you very much for your genuine information . Thats a excellent piece and bit of information for those who wish to study further in UK.
Its indeed very informative to new and prospective students .

Please feel free to take Help from WNSO-UK which is doing this work here in UK by supporting and providing a genuine information and counselling to students who have come here for study and who are still in nepal and thinking about joining British university and colleges.

thanks indeed good and organised piece of information .

#92606 WNSO - Greenwich FC football photos

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 07 November 2009 - 01:29 AM in Sports

Here is the team........ players wearing jerseys with www.wnso.org imprinted ...

sachin ji asti bhakar ko football match ko photo upload garnu n pls .

#92605 Namaste!

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 07 November 2009 - 01:25 AM in Welcome/Greet to member

I'm new member for WNSO Chautari. so hi to all Nepali in Nepal or abroad. so keep in touch. love to c more frens for communication. take care

hi bro ho ki sis ,

nepali chautari ma yaha lai hardik swagat cha

#92604 kabita (this poem is based on true life story.)

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 07 November 2009 - 01:24 AM in Poems

dami cha MThapa ji

मोहिनी सिस धन्यवाद !

mohan dai mero padai thikai cha .ani yaha ko kabita ta khub dami hunchha ..jes hos yaha lai dhanya ho dai

#92563 सम्झना

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 27 October 2009 - 10:32 AM in Poems

Very nice one !! Thank you

Good poem .

how are you . U in UK for study .

#92524 Help with UK...someone....Suhani??

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 17 October 2009 - 03:41 PM in College, Universities and Scholarship

Hi Aagantuk, welcome to Chautari.

Your query has no enough information.
I assume that you are coming to study for one year.

If your fee is £5500 for one year, then you will need around £600 per month accommodation for one year, that mean 600x12=£7200

Here, accommodation 7200+ 5500 fee = 12500
£12500 is around 15 Lakh Nepali Rupees against what you said 8 Lakh above.

To give you accurate information, please provide more information.

Working to make money to study will be very very hard path to go through. I donít recommend anyone to chose this path, specially in current UK climate. Finding part time job is not difficult but part time job only help you to pay for accommodation, food and transport. So you will have to struggle to pay fee. Some lucky people find good job with enough hours when they are in vacation and pay their fee easily but many are suffering.

If you can bring money from Nepal to pay fee, then you can manage life. If you find good job and make money here, then you can pay back your family but depending solely on work in the UK to pay fee is not advisable and at one point everyone regret.

Well said Mohini ji , thank you for good answer and now a days getting jobs at UK have become another somplex issue in the menu to the students .
Anyway Happy Diwali to all freinds . Before coming to UK think of lots of option for eg in Germany you do not have to pay the fees for study and also other european countries .

Exactly well said You need tution fees + accomodation+personal expenses so think before you act .

Well i am not saying that you should not come to UK .Its all your interest and free to decide .

#92454 तिमीलाई नै

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 26 September 2009 - 01:49 PM in Poems

साकुरासंग लुकामारी खेल्दा तिमीलाई नै भेटे मैले
मादलुको ताल संगै उमंगको नाच नाचे मैले

उराठमय यो जिन्दगीमा तिम्रो साथ चाहे मैले
गुम्सिएका मनका बह तिमि संग साटे मैले

तिम्रो एक स्पर्शमा संसारै घमाइलो देखे मैले
बहने यी नयनका आशु सबै पुछे मैले

जिन्दगीका पनाभारी तिमीलाई नै लेखे मैले
विरह यो मुटुका व्यथा सबै भुले मैले

(समय भए मेरो अनुरोधमा लेखीदिनु न माया संगिता लाई मात्र कती माया गरेको हो .... Mohan vikram thapa jeeko anurodhamaa)

Really nice poem

#92453 Happy Vijaya Dashami

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 26 September 2009 - 01:46 PM in Announcement

Dear friends and all colleagues of WNSO,
I would like to wish the ever happiest Dashain and Deepawali 2066 to you and your family. May Durga Bhawani Bless all Nepalese with peace, prosperity, harmony and the feeling of unification for the noble cause of nation building.

Happy Dashain to Every Members WNSO Worldwide.



#92252 Ma , Hami , Ra WNSO

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 18 August 2009 - 10:43 AM in WNSO Nepal


#92081 Economic social Developmental and Cultural rights

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 24 July 2009 - 04:49 AM in Member's Blog

If you are interested in ESDR rights then please check my bog


Best Wishes ,


#92069 Nepal should be at high alert for Swine flu

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 22 July 2009 - 10:31 AM in General Interest

<b>Nepal should be at high alert for Swine flu</b>

With the World Health Organisation (WHO) designating swine influenza outbreak as a public health emergency of international concern and raising the pandemic alert to level 4,Nepal should be alert at Tribhuvan International Airport and all other entry ports for identifying persons with suspected infection who could be arriving from the affected countries including Mexico, the US, the UK, France, Canada and New Zealand.

As per WHO reports, till Monday the United States government has reported 40 laboratory confirmed human cases of swine influenza A(H1N1), with no deaths. Mexico has reported 26 confirmed human cases of infection, including seven deaths. Canada has reported six cases, with no deaths, while Spain has reported one case, with no deaths.

Not only all passengers coming from these countries should be screened but also those who have arrived in Nepal till ten days back should be tracked down and asked to report to the nearest medical center. Any person suspected to have influenza should be isolated at the airport and put on treatment.

Tribhuvan International Airport should have additional medical and paramedical staff for identifying suspected cases.

A round-the-clock call centre under the Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control, Nepal should be attending calls from the public regarding reporting of influenza-like illness.

The Nepal Government should also advice those travelling to affected areas to curtail non-essential travel.

Its a great concern for all of us . The dioherrea claimed more than 150 lives . In this situation , from jajarkot districts farwestern districts how free are they from lives risks . Constitution of Nepal has guaranteed right to health as fundamental , what should the executive goverment doing right now .

#92067 NASA Photos Reveal Bridge to Lanka

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 22 July 2009 - 06:18 AM in Photo Gallery (Old)

Great thoughts !!!

#91972 Chautari ma: Yes Hafta ko pramukha samachar

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 03 July 2009 - 09:28 AM in Talking Point - Khulla Mancha

QUOTE (Attariyalese @ Jun 30 2009, 12:11 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
आजका प्रमुख समाचार यस् प्रकार छन:

1. चौतारी को मौसम गरम र वर्षा सुरु !

2. लालुपाते गाडी लिएर No Entry मा प्रवेश.....जसद्वारा चार वटा मच्छर र पांच वटा झिंगा अगतीले घाइते। फलस्वरुप: दिल्लिको जनता अस्पताल व्यस्त र डाक्टर यादव को Promotion.

3. लंडन को भटटिमा झगडा र सिरुपाते जि सात जनालाई पिटेर फरार !

4. चौहान जि महाकाली नदी मा माछा मार्न जादा आँफै बेपत्ता !

5. झिल्के जि र नक्कली जि आफ्नै घर गृहस्ती मा व्यस्त ।

Good Sense of humour bro ho ki sis

#91971 What is the 1st thing u think of when u wake up?

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 03 July 2009 - 09:25 AM in Talking Point - Khulla Mancha

QUOTE (Yadav @ Jul 3 2009, 07:00 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
offcourse,few more hours to sleep!! oopss..

Say Greetings !!!!!

#91970 Is the Delhi HC Judgement on the Gay Sexual Practices, a move in the r

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 03 July 2009 - 09:11 AM in General Interest

Is the Delhi HC Judgement on the Gay Sexual Practices, a move in the right direction or not?
The moral and ethical values built in to the Indian Family's cultural ethos ( note here that this is irrespective of religious and caste flavors ), is known to be the reason for the strong family ties - when compared to many other countries. Whenever and whereever rules for order are crossed, mayhem is bound to happen. Keeping this in mind, what will be the effect of the High Court Judgement ? Lets talk ........

Indian law considers married heterosexual monogamy to be legal, heterosexual live-in relationships are legal with limited respect of Domestic Violence (although several court interpretations have defined "long" monogamous live-in relationships equivalent to marriage) and India does not recognize same sex unions. Additionally, while there are no restrictions on particular kinds of sexual activity, it is considered a highly private affair. Most of us are quite averse to openly address anything related to sexuality as such discussion or publicly romantic displays are viewed as extremely distasteful.

Sexual morality varies greatly over time and between cultures. A society's sexual norms ó standards of sexual conduct ó can be linked to religious beliefs, or social and environmental conditions, or all of these. Sexuality and reproduction are fundamental elements in human interaction and society worldwide. Different religions have different codes of sexual morality, which regulate sexual activity or assign normative values to certain sexually charged actions or thoughts.

Unlike other religions, in Hinduism views of sexual morality differ widely depending on the region and sect. Hindu scriptures themselves are often vague about sexuality. There are temples depicting sexual activity openly (examples include temple complexes at Ajanta and Ellora, and at Khajuraho, which has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, with their erotic sculpture), and sexual imagery is not sacrilege, but sexual self-restraint (as well as in other aspects of life) are considered essential to a Hindu's well being and dharmic/karmic duties.

A core teaching of Buddha's foundational first sermon is that "one should not pursue sensual pleasure (kama-sukha), which is low, vulgar, coarse, ignoble and unbeneficial." (Samyutta Nikaya V:420, Sutta Pitaka).

Islam, along with Judaism and Christianity, rejected homosexuality from the religion's beginning. The legal punishment for sodomy has varied among juristic schools: some prescribe capital punishment; while other prescribe a milder discretionary punishment. Homosexuality is a crime and forbidden in most Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. In some relatively secular or multi-religious Islamic countries, this is not the case, Indonesia and Turkey being some examples.

Sexual preference is assumed to be determined by physical (genes), psychological and social factors (environment). People are equal, but their behaviours are not. Since homosexual behaviour is contrary to the natural design and compatibility of the human body, same-sex relationships can therefore, never function like man-woman relationships, nor can they birth the same benefits. It would be prudent to stop trying to equate same-sex with heterosexual relationships, for the reason that they never can be the same.

Sex, like fire, is morally neutral. It is a form of energy that can be used in a constructive way that affirms love and commitment or that can be used in ways that destroy lives. The gender of our sex partner(s) is irrelevant except to the degree that gay persons need to work through the psychological and spiritual damage inflicted by homophobic societies and organized religions that can impede spiritual progress.


#91875 language policy and education in Rwanda

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 24 June 2009 - 05:46 AM in Ask Scholars

Dear al please follow the link ,



#91546 pakistani student in nepal

Posted by kslsanjeeb9 on 29 March 2009 - 09:06 AM in Announcement

QUOTE (arunsingh @ Mar 26 2009, 08:13 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
dear friend
i am in nepal ...my contact mobile is 009779804897749.
contact me so we will arrange get together.

sure Welcome to Nepal