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18 December 2008 - 07:59 AM


soothing sugarcane fields

calm bamboos and mango grove

never-ending rice and wheat greens

lively weekly farmers market by the pond

astounding raw smell of mud and air

craving mud, dust, pollen and village fairs

excited kids running behind my motorbike

the graveyard shrine where my ancestors lay

lanterns, candles and cricket's chirp

water, rain and mud and rice field alleys

cozy, clean and homely cottages

straw, mud and brick walls

colorful mithila paints


amputees, orphans, widows

bullets, bamboo sticks and canes

unclaimed bodies scattered everywhere

people killing people, factions of politics

blood stained pond

sulfur in the air and soil

killings for race

dying Madheshis, exiled Pahades

isolated villages, lonely markets

frightening alleys laid with mines and explosives

impossible to pay tribute to my buried ancestors

explosion, arson, looting, rape

insecure life, a treacherous game

frightening ambushes, deceitful friends

walls demolished, roof torn apart

hatred scripted in red on my walls


/* Written by brother Santosh Giri, USA */

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11 September 2008 - 07:48 PM

Few days back, I was browsing my Facebook account and I got the notification from Facebook regarding Dr.Baburam's Profile. And I added him in my freind list and today I got my confirmation regarding that. And today's his Status was Dr.Baburam Bhattaraiis sure next decade will be hydro decade and paving the way to economic revolution and that striked my eyes. Do you guys agree with Dr.Bhattaraii's view?

Well, the problem is about today's ongoing crisis..how he is going to tackel it? Good luck!! Dr.Bhattaraii.

RAYAN is Back!!


08 March 2008 - 10:33 AM

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